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Meet Your Hostesses


If anyone knows a thing or two about horror movies its the ladies behind the YouTube channel COAST2COAST HORROR w/Crystal & Shasha.

The channel came about when The Daughters of the Dark, Lady Shasha host of What Did I Just Watch and Crystal Connor, A Trusted Name in Terror host of Live Action Reviews! by Crystal Connor joined forces to talk about all things horror from Sea to Shining Sea (and sometimes abroad.)

The banter they exchange on classic slashers, psychological thrillers and everything in between makes them perfectly suited to host the Cabin In The Woods Film Festival!

The Guest Lineup

Horror Movie Survivalist Instructor

Have you ever thought about what it would take to survive and be the final girl/guy in a horror movie?

But besides a little common sense and tons of panicked and angry advice from a shouting audience when it comes down to it, what you’d really need is some serious first aid skills.


Well if your a VIP Cabin Guest don’t worry, we have a hero! Fellow American Veteran, actress, and super-villainess cosplayer Georgina Black will give us the lifesaving skills that will help us make it to the credits alive.

Georgina will be presenting the Best Slasher/Villain Award.

Dr. Tracey Salisbury is an Associate Professor and Department Chair of Ethnic Studies at California State University, Bakersfield. 


She's a recognized horror genre scholar and recently presented at the Candyman and The Whole Damn Swarm: A Thirtieth Anniversary Conference, her paper, “Black Women Be Knowing: The Invisibility of Black Women in The Candyman Movie Series (1992-1999) and their (re)centering in Nia DaCosta’s Candyman (2021)”. 


She regularly teaches a course on Race, Gender, and Horror and is a self-proclaimed horror movie fanatic. Her all-time favorite horror films are John Carpenter's The Thing (1982) and The Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954).

Dr. Salisbury will be presenting the Streaming Scream Award (Scariest Virtual Forest Film)


Eric Li & Mike Campbell the hosts of The Scariest Things Podcast, created the show as fans for their fellow horror fans. Their collective love of horror, each of them with their own sub-genre preferences, has shown them the whole run that horror has to offer.


Dedicated to reviewing the latest, greatest, and grossest of the new releases, predicting what horror treasures are coming, and diving back through the horror archives to find films that we might have missed is what makes this pair the perfect guides to led us through gateway of the tropes and trends of the horror genre!


The creators of The Scariest Things Podcast will be presenting the Award for the Best Kill Scene.

The rich and felonious lifestyle of director known for Thank You is so notorious, that many film productions who hire him will put an account aside for bail money in the event that the funds from his very lucrative only fans account isn’t enough to flip the bill. From kidnapping, drug running, evading law enforcement agencies from all over the globe the kingpin turned award-winning movie director has done it all, and will quite possibly do it all again!

All jokes aside, with twenty years of experience filmmaker Benito Vasquez has the uncanny ability to capture the stunning cinematic scenes that he has become known for when he is looking through the world through the lens of a camera.      

Washington State’s very own TJ Walker, is multimedia artist who started with comic books and is now a film maker, his film series “Phoenix Run” is available on Amazon Prime and DUSTx channel’s Roku network.

Walker brings a maximum of technology to bear in his storytelling. A weaver of worlds, he seeks to create an all-encompassing sense of place that readers and viewers can embrace and inhabit in their own emotionally-charged fantasy lives, which adds flavor to “ordinary” reality.

Writer/Director Simeon Gregory is an award-winning filmmaker out of Washington State. 


As a horror fan since the 80s, there's no better place than working in an open sandbox of nightmares.

His film Death In A Box won dozens awards and can now be streamed on TUBI.

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