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August 20 - 24 2024 

New Arrivals

Have you ever wanted to spend a few nights in a Cabin In The Woods watching horror movies under the stars with your friends? Who hasn’t? The surrounding woods and the blackness of the night would create the perfect atmosphere of suspense and the remote location would muffle the collective screaming.

As a VIP guest you’ll do just that and more!

The accommodations for our VIP guests will be in a secluded Cabin In The Woods which creates the perfect atmosphere in which YOU will JUDGE these short horror films from all around the world!


If spending the weekend in the deep, dark, dense wilderness of the Pacific Northwest, home to some of the notorious killers the United States, is a bit outside your comfort level fear not! There are two other ways to attend: In the theater, or watching from home! 


Whether you come out to the woods, the theater, or watch from home 'The Cabins' offers a deluxe, luxurious, and interactive horror film festival with all-inclusive ticketing at all tiers of pricing that promises to be an unforgettable experience. 

So pack a bag, grab a friend, and come spend a few nights at the Cabin In The Woods.

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