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Hello Filmmakers!


If we’re just meeting, let me introduce myself.


The Cabin In The Woods Film Festival is a hybrid boutique horror film festival with all-inclusive ticketing held at beautiful and intimate venues along with exclusive online programming for those attending remotely.


This festival showcases and celebrates INTERNATIONAL, ETHNIC, AND GENDER DIVERSITY in all horror genres, from independent filmmakers, small studios, and students from all across the globe, and we hope your film is one of them!

All films submitted to The Cabin In The Woods Film Festival MUST BE HORROR or horror adjacent. Sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, comedy, thriller, action, adventure, animated, etc. entries MUST have heavy horror themes and elements.

There is no limitation on how horrifying and gory films can be. However, hate rhetoric against any particular race, religion, or gender NOT BE ACCEPTED.

We have several categories open for submissions, please see our rules page and film freeway for more information on each submission category and submission fees.

The festival will be screening in August 2024 at the SIFF Film Center in Seattle, WA

Please visit us at FilmFreeway or to learn more or submit your entry.

Looking forward to your submissions … see you out at The Cabin!

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